How we work

Our areas of Interest

Taking into account the diverse expertise and background experiences of its founders, EDEGECOM has focused on the following business areas:
  • Real Estate Development Projects (Commercial & Residential)
  • Industrial Projects
  • International Trade
  • Service
E EDEGECOM is one of Toronto’s successful real estate investment houses with an established track record of high profile transactions and specialist knowledge of prime Canadian & US real estate.
Real Estate Development projects (Commercial & Residential)
Our familiarity with the investment process is complemented by an intimate knowledge of the workings of the region’s real estate markets, a strong network of global contacts and the backing of domain expertise and industry experience. Since our establishment, we have transacted deals in prime properties in GTA. We have generated superior investment returns for our clients ranging from over 40% for commercial property transactions to over 100% for divestments of real estate projects.
EDGECOM serves a global investor base spread across Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. In all our business dealings, our guiding principle is to position our partners and clients for sustainable growth on a long term basis.


At EDGECOM , we have the experience and in-house skills to successfully form and manage multi-million dollar Real estate investment funds, projects for developing and holding real estate across Canada and US. We take a strategic approach to each investment and with our in-depth knowledge of properties, we are able to take advantage of investment opportunities when market conditions are ripe. Through meticulous research and detailed planning, we are able to deliver innovative, customized and high net worth investment strategies to our clients and partners. With millions of dollars of assets under management, and with a proven track record for delivering value, whether from ground-up developments or new acquisitions, we have developed a reputation for both trust and results among the investment community.


Property Management and Leasing


The industrial role of Edgecom in Canada’s economy.
Industrial Projects
I As increasingly, the high-tech Industry is playing a key role in building a productive & successful Economy around the globe , Edgecom is dedicated to drive the growth & success of this dynamic & flourishing Industry by taking action in the private sector in Canada’s economy. We are in belief that High-Tech Industry and advancement in innovation and technology will allow the businesses and the entire market sector to grow creating value-added job for Canadians. We embrace any innovation, modernization and forward –thinking ,helping the home-grown Individuals or companies that can bring innovative technologies in the global market place and add some high-tech heft to the broader Canadian economy . When the Young-knowledge based Firms or individuals find difficulty accessing capital from traditional financial institution, EDGECOM is ready to support, funding and walking you through the the success and leader ship in your Business sector . We are committed to help kick-start Canadian businesses and get their innovative products and services from lab to the market place helps innovators bridge the pre-commercialization gap for their innovative goods and services by awarding contracts to entrepreneurs with pre-commercial innovations through an open, transparent, competitive and fair procurement process; testing and providing feedback to these entrepreneurs on the performance of their goods or services; providing innovators with the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a successful application of their new goods and services; and providing information on how to do business with the Government of Canada.
S What would allow a company to grow explosively ? Leadership & Diversified Services. The ability to anticipate change and deliver a revolutionary product or service that helps businesses embrace the change to not only survive, but thrive. The past decade has seen a massive shift in the way sales & services are conducted in response to a new type of customer; one who makes buying decisions in an information-saturated age, using technology that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Sales & services have also responded to changing economies, in which organizations can no longer afford the high-cost, low-return sales & customer service models of old, where we burned through shoe leather, golf club memberships and cross-country travel to entertain and build relationships with our prospects. Today, service productivity is king and we need tools that help us build relationships whether or not we meet face-to-face. Tools that help us understand and respond to our prospects’ needs more quickly and efficiently for both parties. EDGECOM service model is really simple. Consumers and companies entrust us with their needs and products, we in turn, trade them in a wide variety of services such as advisory, professional expertise, health & science industry and technology. The business strategy applied by EDGECOM is well planned and perfectly thought-out. Our service oriented model has been developed and significantly improved over the past 2 years which makes it almost ideal for the changing market conditions. The current conditions market is as favorable as ever. Most importantly, we set the interests of our clients as the main priority and we are working around the clock to meet all of the demands of our clients.
T Cumulative experience of many years in trade and commerce of EDGECOM partners given us a great leverage to undertake major trade and commercial projects We provide quality products and services backed by our knowledgeable staff of engineers to assist clients at all times. Continuously upgrading our expertise to respond to new requirements in today’s challenging industries is our mandate. Taking pride in our business built on trusted relationships formed over the years. Followings is a brief list of products and services EDGECOM is dealing:
  • Instruments
  • Solar Energy Parts and Equipment
  • Machinery, Equipment, and Spare Parts for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries
  • Valves (Hydraulic, Manual, and Other Types for Oil & Gas)
  • Spare Parts for Industrial, Agricultural , Auto & Trucks, including genuine brand names